• What is the Clinical Senate


What Do We Do?

The Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Senate provides free, fully independent and impartial clinical advice on any proposals for service change that have significant implications for patients and the public.  We provide this advice to both commissioners and providers of health and social care.

Who Provides The Advice?

Our membership includes a full spectrum of clinical experts from acute to primary care, including input from social care and patient/carer representatives.

How Do We Do It?

In response to your request for advice we bring together the experts into a bespoke working group who will provide evidence-based advice to you, always given in the best interests of patients.  Our experts provide advice in an open and transparent way, independent of organisations or professional interests.  Where evidence is limited we seek to build and reflect clinical consensus.

What is our Offer to You?

Working with the Senate ensures that you have strong clinically evidence-based proposals for service change, focussed on improving quality, with all the key risks identified.  You can work with us at several points from building the case for change to the formal assurance process.

The benefit to you is how:

  • we provide a level of clinical scrutiny and transparency to the process, sense checking your thinking and challenging assumptions
  • we provide a clear senior clinical appreciation of your options without fear of partisan bias
  • we provide additional and important assurance to your stakeholders in readiness for consultation
  • we are aware of the wider strategic context and ensure that your plans align with this
  • we help to provide clinical consensus where this is lacking


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