There are 2 main ways in which lay people, and the organisations that represent them, have opportunity to be involved in the Senate’s work:

  • Patients, service users, carers and the public can be involved as members of the Senate Council.  We have 4 patient and public members who are recruited for this role for a tenure of 2-3 years, to a maximum of 5 years.  In this role you will be required to participate and debate particular topics in the Clinical Senate Council and also to participate in discussions which oversee overall Senate business.  These meetings are held every two months.  It is estimated that the time commitment for the Council will be 1-2 days per month
  • We also welcome patient and public members on the Senate Assembly.  The Assembly does not meet.  We use the wider Assembly as a sort of database from which to draw experts into a working group to consider a specific topic.  You will be called upon to offer a patient perspective within these working groups depending upon your areas of interest.  You are kept in touch with the Senate work through a regular bulletin

We always welcome hearing from you, so please get in touch by contacting Jeanette Unwin, Senate Manager.

The following documents may be of help:

Patient and Public Involvement Policy

Expenses Policy and Claim form

Patient and Public Representative Job Description