We always welcome enthusiastic and passionate health and social care professionals of all disciplines to join our Senate Assembly to help in the provision of our clinical advice.  Currently we have about 120 clinicians registered on our Assembly.

If you wish to register your interest in joining the Senate Assembly, please complete the form on our contacts page and we will get in touch with you.

As a Senate Assembly member we will invite you to join a bespoke expert panel when we have a topic that requires your clinical expertise.  Typically, each panel has between 6-12 members.  We will ensure that those members do not have a conflict of interest to the proposals in question.  Each expert panel is chaired by a member of our Senate Council.  As an Assembly member your time commitment will therefore be very flexible and will depend upon your membership of the specific panels. Much of the work is 'virtual', with documents distributed by email and discussions organised by teleconference.  On average each topic lasts for between 1-3 months.  You will therefore have periods of participation in projects followed by periods where you have no active participation in Senate work.  You may find it helpful to read our advice on becoming a panel member and to read our Assembly pages 

All of the positions on our Senate Council are currently filled, however if you would be interested in any future vacancies on our Council, please contact the Senate Manager - jeanette.unwin1@nhs.net